Sometimes I take the time to sit down outside (during the summer obviously) take my notebook or a simple piece of paper and try writting down what's actually important for me right now. Ask myself why I do what I do and where do I want to go exactly or who do I want to help. And one of those answers are women. I find that women, mothers, sisters, wifes and single ladies go through so many things in a lifetime and sometimes don't have the right guidance for the majority of the situations. I think that one of the most important decision in your life...if not THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE is the person you choose to spend your life with. Because going with the wrong person for you or being the wrong #relationship will pull you back in so many ways. It can make you forget about your life goals, your ambitions and make you have no energy for what's important for you. People take it very lightweight when it comes to choosing a life partner but I truly believe it should be taken as serious as other big life decisions (like buying a house or having a baby). 

You are the 5 people you spent the most time with. And it starts with your partner.

Just my thoughts for you today..

Inès xo

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